Prices will not be prorated: website is updated monthly. Prime placement on the web is subject to availability and corporate approval. No prime placement on the web will be guaranteed without payment in full. Actual size visible on website depends on client computer display and browser settings. When submitting artwork, it should be sized at the specified pixel values with a 72 dpi resolution and RGB color mode. Accepted formats are: .jpg, and png. In rotating positions no animated .gif may be used. Banner size is 2,550.0 px wide x 3,300.0 px tall. 

 • No outside advertisers or pop-ups 
 • Regular updates 
 • Submit your contract or renewal with payment 
 • Submit your web-ready banner or we will create one for you 
 • Review the artwork and submit comments for revision until approved 
 • You may make up to 2 changes at no extra cost or sign off on proof 
 • Banner and web listing information is posted within 2 business days from approval 
 • Within a month from expiration, you will receive a notification to renew 
 • URL changes during the contract are not billed extra 
Advertorial Article with pictures - $150 Bottom 
Text Link on each page - $200 
Side Banner on each page, artwork included - $250 
 Coupons - Create or send us a coupon in PDF Format - $300 (Any Size up to 8.5x11 Sheet) 

Everything Above - $500 All Banner 
Adverting will be reviewed on Jan 1st of Each Year.