Premium Dust Extracted Straw Why Accept Anything Less Goldfield’s premium dust extracted bedding is created from 100% premium wheat straw, sourced throughout directly from the pristine fields of Western Canada. Available a variety of cuts ranging from 1/2″ to 3″ & Beyond it fits every equine need.

Eco Friendly & 100 percent compostable Your animals, and your employees, deserve a comfortable dust-free environment. That’s why our dust-extracted straw is produced in a safe 100 percent certified bio-secure production environment. Our innovative process eliminate exposure to dust, mold, salmonella, and other harmful pathogens to promote happy healthy animals and at the same time ensure customers get the same unmatched quality from each and every bag.

Cut Cost & Save Money Our GoldFields bags are tightly compressed, ensuring there is enough straw to fill twice the area you would need for wood shavings. This keeps more money in your pocket and also avoids the mess and contamination that comes with other types of beddings.

Help Breathing & Boosts Performance Traditional straw comes with dust, which can lead to a truckload of respiratory issues for you and your animal. Goldfields extracts 90% the dust in our state-of-the-art bio-secure facility. Assuring better conditions for your team and animals.

Proven Quality you Can Trust Trusted by prestigious events like the Pan-Am Games our product is made of premium Western Canadian-grown wheat. Harvested with minimal moisture & our straw is baled between 0-5 % moisture unlike other locations with moisture allowing mold spores to grow.