Please let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Goldfields Global a leading supplier of animal bedding, feed, and fodder. 


We provide high quality bedding, feed, and hydroponically grown fodder from highly respected manufacturers in Canada and the United States. Our products include pellets, shavings, dust extracted chopped straw, and fodder. All items are shipped in bags for ease of handling. 
Our focus is to understand the customer’s requirements and find products that meet your needs both economically and ecologically and then deliver those products with our dedicated carriers. We offer mixed loads to minimize your inventory and to ensure the highest quality, nutritional value, and freshness. We look forward to becoming your trusted supplier, offering quality without compromise. Please feel free to ask any questions related to our service. 

Kind Regards, 
Dayna Hale, | Founder 
Development Canada 
Tel: (352)433-3734 

Alain Rochon, 
VP Business 
Tel: (581)933-0791